We’ve combined figures from 45 of the most popular airlines on factors such as their baggage costs and whether you can take your surfboard, bike, ski/snowboard equipment, diving kit, and even your kayak on your travels with you. There's nothing quite like having your own gear with you when exploring new territory. Surf’s up!


Rank Airline Comfort, Service, Value (/10) Checked Baggage Allowance Overweight bag Charge Piece concept Notes/Weight limits Surfboard each way Mountain Bike each way Snow Equipment each way Diving Equipment *Tank included each way Canoe/Kayak each way Total Score

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Methodology & Disclaimers


Firstly we looked into 50 of the most popular airlines from Flight Airline Business’s World Airline Rankings of 2017. This data originated using 50 out of the top 100 airlines by traffic levels. Five of those airlines were then excluded due to lack of data.

Customer Rating

We then took the overall customer rating from airline reviews on

This figure is an overall rating out of 10 taking from submitted customer reviews.

It is an average taken from the following factors - food and beverages, inflight entertainment, seat comfort, staff service and value for money.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The checked baggage allowance for each airline was taken using the official airlines’ websites as well as contributed information on weight limits from SeatGuru.

The excess fee for any overweight baggage was taken from the airlines’ website.

Where not applicable, the data was sourced using SeatGuru or SeatMaestro.

You can view the full data & research here.


Information correct as of March 2019.

Please note that this information may change over time due to airline rules updating. The amount you may have to pay* on excess baggage or overweight baggage fees may also depend on the size of your object** combined with how overweight (in relation to the baggage allowance) your item is. In some cases, if your item is beyond the airlines’ max regulations of weight and size then your baggage may need to be transported using the airline's cargo service***.

Using the specific airlines’ websites, we checked whether each type of sporting equipment (surfboard, bike, skis/snowboarding equipment, diving equipment and a canoe/kayak) can be taken in your checked luggage or whether it will incur a separate fee. Where the sporting item exceeds the checked baggage allowance, the overweight baggage fees will be used to total the cost of your sports equipment transport.

Using the factors of whether your item can be included in checked baggage, the separate fees, customer review rating and general baggage allowance, we then normalised the result to reach an overall weighted ranking score for each airline. Please note that we did not include the price of weight limits and overweight bag charges in this ranking due to separate weight and piece concepts.

*There may also be a handling fee for your sporting item costs. Please check with your airline directly or visit their specific baggage information pages for any extra fees and possible one-off payments. Handling fees are often in place because of the fragility, size and other specific handling requirements.

**Before you plan your trip, please check oversized baggage costs as well as overweight costs. You may be charged extra.

*** Please check with your airline for specific preparation, packaging and labelling of sporting goods if they are to be included as your checked luggage. Airlines may also have restricted space in the checked luggage hold and may need to be transported using cargo. Please also check with your travel agency for any possible cargo hold space limitations. In some situations, cargo may be your best solution, especially if your equipment is fragile, valuable or an odd size.