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In 1992 the Element Clothing seed was planted, their goal was simple: to be the best they could be in the most honest and honourable way possible. The first incarnation of Element Clothing came in the form of a small collaborative company from the East Coast, called Underworld Element. Inspired by the hip-hop movement and using a mixture of urban styles to reflect a raw and controversial vibe. Today they continue to create art, direction and message on the constant path to bring progress to skateboarding.

Element Clothing is responsible for the creation of multiple professional skateboard teams and have truly engrained themselves in the culture, becoming near synonymous with the sport. As a result of this, the Element Clothing brand is heavily respected in the skateboarding community, with countless enthusiasts buying their gear. However, they don't get by on reputation alone. Element Clothing provide incredibly high-quality products, ensuring that everything they make is hard wearing enough to survive even the most intense skate sessions.

Not only is Element Clothing of the highest quality, but they also place a lot of value in ensuring ethical production. This dedication to creating a sustainable and ethical brand has gained them even more acclaim and subsequently helped them to achieve more success. Element Clothing is truly legendary, and their continued contribution to the skateboard community has cemented them as part of the culture.

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