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Globe Shoes

Globe Shoes are a manufacturer of surf and skateboard footwear and apparel. Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 by former Australian professional skateboarders Matt, Steven, and Peter Hill, Globe Shoes is the product of a diverse group of individuals, rooted in skateboarding and surfing, united by one common thread... their passion and enjoyment for what they do best. The business has now grown into a global network of counterculture artisans that are united by board sports, street fashion, media, design, and film.

Globe Shoes have been worn by some of the biggest names in extreme sports as a result of their amazing comfort, quality construction, and use of premium materials. In addition to this, Globe Shoes have been integrated into skate culture as a result of the brand's constant support of the sport, organising various events and putting together their own team filled with accomplished skaters.

The passion that goes into Globe Shoes can be clearly seen by anyone who's a fan of the brand, making it no surprise that they've managed to turn their small business selling skateboards and shoes out of a car into a wildly successful global enterprise. Their bold designs and distinctive style, alongside their excellent quality, has made them a staple within skate culture, so find the perfect pair of Globe Shoes online today at Anns Cottage.

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