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Hype Clothing

Hype clothing began in the summer of 2011 when two friends decided they wanted to spend their holiday doing something productive rather than taking it easy and enjoying the sunshine. The result is an awesome look and here at Ann's Cottage, we love the great mix of bold prints and streetwise design.

Hype clothing takes a lot of inspiration from skateboarding culture with regards to their designs and how their pieces fit but ensures to stay unique and really separate itself from a lot of the other brands out there. Many of the prints used on Hype clothing would undoubtedly be considered daring, utilising often underused patterns such as tie-dye, camouflage, and galaxy prints.

Although their distinctive designs have been the cause of much success for the brand, their social media presence has also helped massively. Hype clothing have worked tirelessly to get their name out there, utilising various platforms to connect with other brands and influential people in order to gain exposure for the brand they've worked so hard to create. This proves their dedication to the industry and their overwhelming desire to provide as many people as possible with quality clothing

Hype clothing has ascended rapidly from being a small independent brand into a global sensation as a result of their exceptional quality, reasonable price, and unique use of colours and prints. This growth has seen them achieve success on a massive scale, with various celebrities and influencers having worn pieces from the brand. Hype clothing started with just one t-shirt, but now they provide full ranges for men, women, and children, as well as creating an eclectic selection of branded accessories.

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