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Weird Fish Clothing

Weird Fish clothing was born along the Cornish coast in 1993. Due to a love of comfortable clothing, a range of authentic T-Shirts with cartoon fish as the graphics began to be produced. The name Weird Fish came from a pub full of old pictures of weird looking fish caught locally, and since then Weird Fish clothing has sought to continue the ethos of producing individual, vintage-inspired, iconic and hard wearing, comfortable clothing – designed for a casual lifestyle. Style and comfort combined at last! Shop Weird Fish clothing at Ann's Cottage.

Weird Fish clothing has long been associated with surf culture due to the inspiration that they draw from the coastal lifestyle. The brand has a number of loyal customers but has achieved worldwide popularity by staying faithful to their roots and providing quality clothing that features designs that they truly believe in. The distinctive nature of Weird Fish clothing has really helped to set it apart from the competition, however, the brand also prides themselves on their ethical production practices, such as ensuring that the factories that they use provide the best possible working conditions for their staff.

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