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The Barts Story & how to WIN A Beanie for you & a friend


The Barts Story & how to WIN A Beanie for you & a friend

October 29, 2018
Blog Competitions

The Barts Story

If you haven't heard of Barts then trust us when we say, you're missing out! Your poor little ears must be freezing without one of these beanies. They truly are the best beanies around (and no we aren't exaggerating!). They are all hand-knitted, incredibly cosy and have the funkiest poms but this brand has so much more to it than just beanies, which is exactly why we wanted to share where this amazing brand started...

Today, Barts is based in Amsterdam specialising in clothing accessories but it may come as a surprise to hear they didn't start out creating these knitted beanies. Originally, the Barts story started on the beaches of Saint Tropez way back in 1986, where Bart (the company's founder) started selling hand-made shorts to those seeking a spot in the sun.

The earnings from selling these shorts allowed Bart to go on an adventure, he set off to travel around the world. The outcome of this adventure led to him trading the sun of Saint Tropez for much colder climates, choosing to focus on winter accessories instead... and this is where the brand really took off!

The brand is now recognisable for their iconic poms and funky designs, catering to everyone from Men through to Women and Children. Twenty-six years on the brand has grown incredibly from its humble beginnings but its certainly never lost any of its spark. As a brand, they believe in turning functional accessories into something more unconventional,making it that bit more special, and trust us these really are something special.

The designs are fun and quirky which is exactly why we like them! But if that leaves you wondering just where their ideas come from, then the answer can be found in the incredible Barts team of designers and graphic artists.

The most creative of their designs are always started in the same way...with a doodle on a scrap piece of paper! Although the best part of their design process is the teams' desire to get out in the world, lapping up inspiration from the slopes or their incredible city of Amsterdam - the spirit of travel and adventure really is woven into every item.

A Barts beanie is created to encourage you to get out there and enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. The art of knitting is used to add joy and fun to the life of whoever purchases one of these cosy beanies.

If you want to explore, adventure and create new memories this Winter then there's no better brand to see you through than Barts! Don't believe us? Then just head to any of our stores or now to shop our incredible range of Barts Winter accessories. We promise you won't be disappointed! 

Competition Time 

Thanks to our friends at Barts we are giving away 14; yes 14 beanies over the next 7 days!

To be in with a chance of winning a beanie worth up to £26.99 for BOTH you and a friend all you need to do is simply follow our page, like the post and tag the friend you'd like to share the prize with in the comments... it's that simple!

Get involved with this awesome winter giveaway... and make sure to keep your eyes peeled to see if you manage to bag the prize. You might just manage to tick someone off your Christmas list...or you could keep the prize for yourself (we know what we'd do!)

The competition ends Monday 5th November and we will announce a winner a day until Tuesday 6th November 2018

So what are you waiting for? Get tagging & Good Luck


- One entry per day per person.
- Prizes cannot be transferred into a cash value.
- Prizes valued between RRP of £22.99 and £26.99.
- A maximum spend of £26.99 spend available per beanie.
- UK Entries only
- Ann’s Cottage reserves the right to change or alter any prizes at any point during the giveaway without prior notice.
- Ann’s Cottage reserves the right to cancel or end the promotion at any point without prior notice.
- The giveaway closes at 11:59 on Monday 5th November 2018 and all winners will be announced via social media each day throughout the week with the last winner being announced on Tuesday 6th November 2018.
- The winners agree to the promoter using their name in any relevant marketing activity; within reason.
- The winners will be picked at random and Ann’s Cottage will send the prize via tracked Royal Mail. *It is the winners responsibly to reply with their full name and address in order to receive the prize.
- The promoter ‘Ann’s Cottage’ accepts no responsibility for any technical issues, system or software failures encountered on or during entry of the giveaway.