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WIN a NEW C-Skins Wetsuit


WIN a NEW C-Skins Wetsuit

February 15, 2018
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C-Skins are a wetsuit company inspired by the restless spirit of the sea... everything they do is about getting YOU out there and getting YOU to experience the sea. Their ethos combines passion with innovation to create products that are crafted with cutting-edge technology and relentless creativity.

C-Skins constantly push the limits of wetsuit design and materials so that you can push your own limits out in the water. When you are wearing a C-Skins wetsuit you aren't just wearing any wetsuit... you are wearing something created from 45 years committed to the sea... and that's pretty special!


The C Skins Story

So, let’s start by going back a few years, back to 1972 to be exact; there’s this guy, Carey Brown, and he decides he wants to stay warm when he’s out surfing the cold waters of the UK. So he teams up with Dennis Cross and they decide to develop the first wetsuits in Europe, cutting, glueing and stitching a revolutionary material called neoprene together. A material that they managed to buy off the legend that is Jack O'Neill! They stuck a small drawing of a seagull on the chest. They dug the warmth... it meant you could surf for longer without getting cold in the harshest conditions. So pretty soon all these wetsuits started popping up along the coastline, not only off the coast of the UK but all over Europe. These wetsuits weren't only reinventing surfing but they were also growing the pastime more than ever before!


Although it was in the early 90's when things really blew up... Carey and Dennis' brand went international, from the Shores of Brazil to Sweden, the brand was flying on the wings of the seagull and bringing the warmth of their steamer to the masses.

Years later in 1999, Carey left Gul – the lawyers say we can’t say much about that. Whatever. C-Skins was born and with a spring in his step Carey developed a product that would take the surfing world by storm yet again. It was a thermal vest that you wore under your wetsuit to keep you warmer for longer. Just like all those years ago, Carey hadn’t forgotten what surfers wanted. The product flew and a year later he developed a boot with a split toe, it was a revolution that helped surfers feel their board better...he couldn’t make them fast enough.

Adam Griffiths Longboard

To this day C-Skins remains focused on pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials so that you can push your own limits in the water. We spoke to Mark Brown, C-Skins Technical Director on the brand's new era;

"Today it’s amazing to look back and see how far we have come as a family and as a brand, so we are just as excited to remember our past as we introduce the new C-Skins to you. We’re looking forward to a fun new era where we hope to take you on some exciting new adventures where we can all share our love for the sea.

We will be working with some cool individuals like surfer and artist Neil Erskine, legendary graphic designer David Carson, guest photographers such as @1stjack, @meganhemsworth @lugarts, @swilly and not forgetting some of the worlds best surfers and water people such as Kieren Perrow and Adam Griffiths. All these folks share the same love for the sea that all of us have. We hope you enjoy C-Skins... We are all slaves to the sea."



Now, let's get to the good stuff...To celebrate the launch of C-Skins re launch we are giving you AND a friend the chance to WIN a 3/2mm C-Skins 'Legend' (or Surflite)... 


The Legend

facebook_1200x630_ld_iIt's written right there in the name... this suit is legendary! It's continually evolving with every season and it just keeps getting better and better. This suit has the same top-end features that can be found on the 'Wired' including Xtend neoprene through the upper body which gives this suit great stretch and allows for more freedom of movement when paddling. It also has True Thickness neoprene to keep you warmer and in the water for EVEN longer!

The Surflite


The Surflite has all the core features you need paired with a minimal panelling design. It has fully sealed GBS seams and True Thickness neoprene which keeps the heat locked in. Whilst the large comp panel chest and Xtend neoprene upper body make this the most flexible Surflite EVER.

So, what do you need to do?

All you need to do is follow our Instagram page @annscottagesurf and @cskinswetsuits, tag the friend you'd like to share this pretty incredible prize with, along with the C Skins hashtag #SlaveToTheSea...

Get involved with this awesome giveaway... and have your suit ready to hit those summer swells! So what are you waiting for?

The competition ends at midnight on Sunday 18th February and the winner will be announced via the post on Monday 19th February!


- One entry per person
- Prizes cannot be transferred into a cash value
- Prize valued at the combined RRP of £229.98
- Prizes will be limited to a 'Legend' 3/2mm for Men's and a 'Surflite' 3/2mm for Ladies
- UK entries only
- Ann's Cottage reserves the right to change or alter any prizes at any point during the giveaway without prior notice.
- Ann's Cottage reserves the right to cancel or end the promotion at any point without prior notice.
- The giveaway closes at 11:59 on Sunday 18th February. With the winner being announced via social media on Monday 19th February.
- The winners agree to the promoter using their name in any relevant marketing activity; within reason.
- The winners will be picked at random and Ann's Cottage will send the prize via tracked Royal Mail within 7-10 business days. * It is the winner's responsibility to reply with their full name and address in order to receive the prize.
- The promoter Ann's Cottage accepts no responsibility for any technical issues, system or software failures encountered on or during entry of the giveaway.