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World Surf League Championship Tour: European Leg


World Surf League Championship Tour: European Leg

September 28, 2018
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As the season draws towards a close we hit the European leg of the tour... which means Hossegor and Peniche time!

We may be a little bit biased but these are two of our favourite stops on the tour!


Europe is unpredictable... it's exciting, it's a true test and it keeps the pros on their toes... and that's exactly why we love it!

The first stop on the European leg is... Hossegor! The world's best surfers will descend on South West France to take on the notorious beach break barrels. The shifting sandbanks along this vast stretch of coastline mean that the competition spot may need to be changed at short notice, the WSL will be monitoring conditions from Seignoisse through Hossegor all the way to Capbreton.

Pencihe- wsl

After Hossegor, it's onto Portugal and Peniche the home to the legendary wave that is Supertubos. Expect incredible waves, spectacular manoeuvres and of course the world's best surfers. Supertubos has long heavy tubes and is without a doubt the BEST break in Portugal!

Men's Competition

It's been a tight season at the top of the men's leaderboard table... earlier in the season it seemed like there were no clear front-runners and now coming towards the tail end of the tour we are seeing the charge at that world title take shape. As we head to Europe there are just 4,000 points between Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina.


While Medina may currently be sitting in second he is coming in hot after taking home first place wins at both Tahiti and the inaugural Surf Ranch Pro. If you think back to this time last season Medina took the European leg of the tour by storm taking wins at both Hossegor and Peniche... nearly giving John John Florence a run at that World Title. If he repeats that performance this year that title might just be his!


BUT... Toledo is most certainly not one to be underestimated. He has been delivering a solid performance all season long and despite one no.13 placing at Bells Beach he has had solid results on every stop of the tour... he is hungry for the title and he will be fighting for it.

After a strong start to the season, Julian Wilson is now over 12,000 points behind Toledo which means he would need to bring home some solid results in the last few stops on tour... and hope that Toledo's form slips!

Women's Competition


It's been a complete two-horse race ALL season on the women's side of the competition between Stephanie Gilmore and Lakey Peterson. Now with only two events left of the season, there are just over 6,000 points separating the two. Which means there is a chance that Steph could win her 7th world title at the Roxy Pro France if she wins the event!


If Steph gets 2nd at the Roxy Pro then Lakey needs to win the event to push the world title race to Maui. If Steph gets equal 3rd then Lakey must get equal 3rd or better to push the race to Maui... No matter the outcome one thing is for sure, the competition is going to be heating up in France and both girls are going to be on their top game with that world title firmly in their sights.

Fantasy Surfer

If (like us) you just can’t wait for the start of the European leg of the tour then make sure you get involved in ALL the action as it unfolds! All you need to do is get picking your favourite surfers in your Fantasy Surfer team to be a part of the event with WSL.

It’s easy to get involved and with Fantasy Surfer you get to be the commissioner of your very own team. Surfers are categorised into three tiers based on their current rank, you then create your team with picks from each tier. Once your team is ready and the competition starts, their real heat scores will count as points for your fantasy team.

It’s an open playing field for all the surfers right now but we’ve put in our predictions for who we think is going to pull away from the rest… Get involved with our Men’s and Women’s WSL leagues! We’ve created our own league under the name  ‘Ann’s Cottage Surf‘ and with our code ‘Annscottage‘ you can play against us for free… We’re not sure it gets much better than that!

So if you’re up for the challenge then you can follow this link to join our tour league All you need to do is pick your team, click on leagues, search ‘Ann’s Cottage Surf’ and then join our league with the code ‘Annscottage’. It’s as simple as that!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your picks in now and be a part of the action!

 * Winner is awarded full bragging rights