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WSL Men’s Championship Tour 2018: Tahiti Pro Teahupoo


WSL Men’s Championship Tour 2018: Tahiti Pro Teahupoo

August 8, 2018
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It's Tahiti time!


Image courtesy of WSL

Tahiti is THE destination for seeing the world's best surfers compete in the best waves. We all know J-Bay is one of the most respected waves in the world... and well, Teahupoo is one of the most feared, which makes it even more exciting!

Teahupoo is a reef break with a short intense left-hand wave that can range from small and playful to career-defining. The wave is known for the number of barrels it consistently delivers which makes this the main scoring option, but there is also the potential to throw down some manoeuvres when the swell backs off.


Image courtesy of WSL

Now... let's get on to the competition side of things! Tahiti is not only known for delivering some killer waves but also some killer competition. We've seen some incredible showdowns here over the years and here's hoping this year brings more of the same.

MedinaImage courtesy of WSL

If we take a trip down memory lane to last years final you will remember a fiery (and almost physical) paddle battle for priority between Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson... BUT it was the end of the heat that got even more interesting. The two were locked in close scores when Julian Wilson scored two 9 point waves in the last minutes... bringing home his first win in Tahiti.

It was always going to be a remarkable victory to beat Gabriel Medina at Teahupoo... this has been Medina's wave since he who won his first Tahiti Pro at the mere age of 20 against the GOAT Kelly Slater in some of the biggest and most perfect conditions ever seen in a professional contest.


Image courtesy of WSL

Now heading into the 2018 Tahiti Pro the rankings see Filipe Toledo coming in wearing that yellow jersey but with Julian Wilson less than 4000 points behind and Gabriel Medina only 6000 behind Wilson it's still a tight race. With the stakes that high we know they will both be coming into Tahiti fighting and ready to try and get ahead in that race to the world title... this is the stop that could make a BIG impact!

As for Toledo... he may be coming from a strong win in J-Bay but historically Tahiti is not his best spot. If he's going to keep that yellow jersey then he needs to up his game from previous years and get ready to face those bigger waves!

Toledo freesurfing

Although let's not doubt him yet... the recent images have shown him putting in some serious time practising on those bigger waves at Teahupoo. Toledo is in it to win it that's for sure!


Image courtesy of WSL

This years event will see 5 previous winners competing... Adrian Buchan, Gabriel Medina, Julian Wilson, Jeremy Flores and Kelly Slater (an impressive 5 times!) Whoever takes it home it's bound to be an exciting competition... and it's certainly going to shake up the rankings!


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