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Alder Soft Boards

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Soft Boards //

Ann's Cottage will get you surfing with a whole range of foamie boards. Traditionally created for the beginner surfer but today we have a range of foam boards for all abilities, including for the more advance surfer. These softer exterior boards is far more forgiving and far lower-maintenance than a fibreglass hard board. No need to wax the top (unless you do want a little on there for good measure), just plug in your fins, attached your leash and off you go. A great way to introduce yourself to surfing without the maintenance and easy risk of damage of a hard board. For the beginner we advise you opt for a longer board to give you the best chance of catching a wave, and as you progress in your abilty you can move onto shorter boards. Foam or soft boards are lighter, float better, less susceptible to rot, and harder to ding than traditional hard top surfboards, get yours today!

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Wetsuits & Accessories //

Alder was started over forty years ago in Devon by a husband and wife team selling a range of board shorts, jackets and t-shirts, all geared towards surfers and these days have expanded to offer everything from wetsuits to accessories such as surfboard bags, leashes and more.

Alder Surfworx Ribeye Mini Mal 7'6" Soft Board - Black
Alder Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal 7'6" Soft Board - Navy Blue
Alder CBC 7'6" Soft Board - Blue
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As well as wetsuits, we also offer wetsuit boots, gloves and hoods from Alder to ensure that you keep warmer for longer in the water with their innovative products.