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Alder Surfboard Leashes

Surfboard Leashes //

Surfboard leashes keep your surfboard tethered to yourself so you will never loose the board and risk injury to others or leave you stranded in the ocean without your floatation device. We stock only the best in the business of leashes so you can be sure you have quality and your safety in mind. A general rule when choosing your surfboard leash is that it should be around the same length as the board its being used on. Get your surfboard leash at Ann's Cottage today.

Discover Alder's Wetsuits & Accessories //

Alder was started over forty years ago in Devon by a husband and wife team selling a range of board shorts, jackets, and t-shirts, all geared towards surfers and these days have expanded to offer everything from wetsuits to accessories such as surfboard bags, leashes, and more.

As well as wetsuits, we also offer wetsuit boots, gloves and hoods from Alder to ensure that you keep warmer for longer in the water with their innovative products.