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Loyalty Card FAQ’s.


When does the Loyal Scheme close?


The Ann’s Cottage Loyalty scheme will close at midnight on Sunday September 30th 2018.  Ann's Cottage will no longer distribute loyalty points with purchases from May 1st 2018.  



Why has Ann’s Cottage decided to close the Loyalty Card Scheme?


We have made this decision in order to allow us to upgrade & improve our loyalty system, ensuring that we are able to offer you the very best loyalty experience in the future.



Can I continue to earn loyalty points until September 30th?


No.  The final date for earning points either in store or on line is Tuesday May 1st 2018. 



How long do I have to spend my loyalty money?


The final date to spend your loyalty points is Sunday September 30th 2018. 



What happens to any points or £’s on a Loyalty Card that have not been spent by September 30th?


From October 1st 2018 there will be no value on any Loyalty Card so it will not be possible to redeem your points after 30th September 2018.



Will Ann’s Cottage be implementing a new Loyalty Scheme in the future?


We are currently exploring several different options for replacing the Loyalty Programme and hope to make an announcement early next year.


 Will I be issued a new card automatically or do we need to re-apply?


 No, however as soon as a new loyalty scheme is place, our main priority will be to contact all existing members to inform you as to how to re-apply.

My Loyalty Card is not yet registered – can I still register my card and redeem the value?


Not a problem.  You can still register your card here: and then spend the money that you have accumulated before midnight on September 30th 2018. (Please allow 24 hours for any points to convert into money)



What happens to my points that haven’t yet reached the 100 required for them to be converted into £1?



Any points that do not reach the required 100 points in order for it to turn into £1 will unfortunately be lost on May 1st   



Can I use my loyalty £’s to purchase an Ann’s cottage gift card?


No.  As per our terms and conditions loyalty points cannot be used towards purchase of any type of Gift Card.



Where can I see the Terms and Conditions associated with the Loyalty Card Scheme?


The full terms and conditions are available on our Website, here:   



Who can I contact regarding the closure of the Loyalty Card Scheme?


You can speak to our Customer Service Team on 01208 869924 (7 days a week 9am-5.30pm) or you can email us .  We also have a live chat facility that you can speak to us on our Website.


How many Loyalty Points to I get for my purchases made at Ann’s Cottage?

You will receive one reward point for every 50p that you spend. Once you reach 100 points you will have £1 to spend either in-store or online.  From May 1st 2018 No points will be distributed in store or online.


I have lost my Loyalty Card what can I do?

Cards should be treated like cash, all points and rewards are lost if your Card is reported lost or stolen.  We cannot be responsible for any unauthorised use of Points.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


When do my points turn into actual money that I can spend?

Every time your points reach a £1 level, your points will automatically transfer into money that you can spend.


I have just checked my point’s level and my points seem to have disappeared or gone down – where are they?

This will be your points turning into money. Every time you hit £1 worth of points, it automatically transforms yours points into money. If you are unsure, please do contact us and we check your balance for you.


I have just bought things in your store and there are no points showing on my balance, what is wrong?

It takes 24 hours for your card to have points applied so please be patient – the points are on the way!



I purchased an item but I didn't have my Loyalty Card with me, can I still have the points added.

If the transaction took place within the last 21 days and was prior to the closure of the scheme on 30th April 2018, we can still add the points on for you if you E Mail a copy of the till receipt to The last day for points to be added on from a till receipt is 21st May 2018. After this date we have no ability to add points to a Loyalty Card.