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Loyalty Card FAQ’s.


When does the Loyal Scheme close?


The Ann’s Cottage Loyalty scheme will close at midnight on Sunday September 30th 2018.  Ann's Cottage will no longer distribute loyalty points with purchases from May 1st 2018.  



Why has Ann’s Cottage decided to close the Loyalty Card Scheme?


We have made this decision in order to allow us to upgrade & improve our loyalty system, ensuring that we are able to offer you the very best loyalty experience in the future.



Can I continue to earn loyalty points until September 30th?


No.  The final date for earning points either in store or on line is Tuesday May 1st 2018. 



How long do I have to spend my loyalty money?


The final date to spend your loyalty points is Sunday September 30th 2018. 



What happens to any points or £’s on a Loyalty Card that have not been spent by September 30th?


From October 1st 2018 there will be no value on any Loyalty Card so it will not be possible to redeem your points after 30th September 2018.



Will Ann’s Cottage be implementing a new Loyalty Scheme in the future?


We are currently exploring several different options for replacing the Loyalty Programme and hope to make an announcement early next year.


 Will I be issued a new card automatically or do we need to re-apply?


 No, however as soon as a new loyalty scheme is place, our main priority will be to contact all existing members to inform you as to how to re-apply.