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Launched in 1995, Arbor’s remit from the very beginning was to create sustainable products. That began with a small line of snowboards as they became the first company to replace the standard plastic top with responsibly sourced wood veneer, significantly improving performance. Arbor pioneered the use of bamboo, bio-plastic, and other recycled, reclaimed, and renewable alternatives. During this time Arbor also started repurposing old snowboards into big wheelbase skates that were ideal for bombing hills when there was no snow. This led to the introduction of their first skateboard line, and an extension of their sustainability efforts and discussion about its importance to action sports. With the skate line, Arbor pioneered bio-urethane and expanded their use of recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood and bamboo. Arbor’s mission is to build premium lifestyle skateboards, with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Arbor Solstice B4BC Fish 37" Skateboard - Multi
Arbor Groundswell Sizzler 30.5" Skateboard - Multi
Arbor Foundation Pocket Rocket 27" Skateboard - Multi
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