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Wetsuit Boots

Quality wetsuit boots have the ability to significantly improve your surfing experience, making them essential for lovers of the sport. Wetsuit boots don't just drastically improve your grip both in and out of the water, but they also allow you to surf better for longer by protecting you from the cold. This has made them incredibly popular among enthusiasts, leading to a number of advancements in the technology and subsequently making today's wetsuit boots better than ever.

Wetsuit boots come in three different thicknesses, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. A thinner boot will be more flexible and lightweight, however, a thicker boot will be warmer, so it's important to choose the right wetsuit boot for you based on the temperature of the waters you'll be surfing in. In addition to this, wetsuit boots come in two variations, round toe and split toe. Round toe boots are warmer and more inexpensive to manufacture, however, split toe boots grip to your foot better and provide noticeably better performance while surfing.

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