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Always Radical, Z-Flex are one of the longest running skateboard companies around. Created in 1976, you only have to check out the Z-Flex range of boards to appreciate the knowledge and experience that goes into the design, technology and craftsmanship of their products. Z-Flex has long been responsible for product innovation, being a pioneer in development and testing urethane wheel designs. The standard clay wheels from the roller skating industry did not provide a smooth, fast ride, since they lacked retaining and grip qualities. Z-Flex developed the abrasion resistant Z-Smooth wheel specifically for boardwalk skating, followed closely by Z Grooves, a one-of-a-kind, faster, smoother wheel with a formula which most of today’s wheels are based upon. Z-Flex 2nd Generation riders and product innovations continued to think outside the box, maintaining Z-Flex as an industry leader. Z-Flex is responsible for the first skateboard in history to utilize a concave on the board’s top-side. This revolutionized the direction of board design. You will find “concave” on almost every skateboard on the market today.

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