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O’Neill Wetsuits

O'Neill wetsuits represent the absolute best in wetsuit innovation and technology, having constantly improved their products since Jack O'Neill himself pioneered the neoprene surf wetsuit in 1952 in order to extend his surf sessions in the bone-chilling breaks of Northern California. Since those days, O'Neill wetsuits have developed into some of the most advanced and best-performing wetsuits on the market and are adored by countless surf enthusiasts worldwide.

O'Neill wetsuits are relentlessly tested in order to ensure that they're fit to survive even the harshest imaginable surfing conditions. This ensures that when you choose O'Neill, you know that you're getting a premium quality product that will serve you well for years to come. This is has led to the brand gaining an excellent reputation within the surf community, which ultimately allowed them to expand their range and become the global powerhouse that they are today.

O'Neill wetsuits continue to dominate the market, providing fantastic options in a variety of price ranges. Their more basic wetsuits are reasonably priced and provide solid performance for those less serious about the sport, whilst their high-end models utilise the latest technologies, allowing enthusiasts to gain that crucial extra edge. Browse our selection and find the perfect O'Neill wetsuit for you at today at Anns Cottage.

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