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Stay safe at all times on your water adventure with a performance and professional leash for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Opt for a coil leash to avoid trailing a line, this clever technology stretches out when you need it but keeps your line tidy and away from snagging on rocks and water debris. Wear a SUP leash just below your knee for comfort and easy release. Use a SUP leash for saftey, keeping your board with you at all times. Remember if you get into trouble on the water it is always better to keep hold of your board for a floatation device until help arrives. Use your leash with a Quik Release Belt for ultimate safety and peace of mind on the water.

Ocean & Earth 9'0" SUP Coiled Regular Leash - Black
Ocean & Earth 9'0" SUP/Longboard Coiled Knee Leash - Black
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